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There won’t be IONNYK without our artists. These women and men, giving us their vision of our world, of our dreams and desires.

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Bart Ramakers

Bart Ramakers (Belgium, 1963) creates picturesque scenes, statues and movies that reflect on the "human condition" and on a new mythology for a new world. Bart grew up at the banks of the river Meuse, in the shadow of the Van Eyck brothers. From childhood he drew, etched and painted, inspired by the Flemish Masters, by historical stories, classical myths, legends, baroque and romantic music and opera. His works unfold new myths of beauty and power, passion and betrayal, sensuality and brutality, life and death, often with a slightly ironic, sarcastic or humorous touch.

Benoit Feron

Benoît Feron is a Belgian photographer. He lives in Brussels. His work is nourished by a deep love for traveling and exploring the planet, its people and its wonders. With a true appeal for the Horn of Africa, its unbeaten light, endless nature, but first of all for the great diversity and the beauty of its people, whom he immortalized in his book “Portraits of the Rift”.

Juan Kiti

Self-taught, multidisciplinary and atypical, Juan Kiti was born in Brussels on October 5, 1956. He's present in many collections both in Europe (Belgium, France, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Sweden) and in the United States, Latin America, Russia, Japan, Australia and Africa (Namibia, Senegal, Morocco, Kenya, Tunisia, South Africa). He travels around the world to learn about modern and contemporary art.

Mireille Roobaert

Mireille Roobaert has been making press photos, illustrations for books and websites for twenty years. Her particular artistic touch, she applies it to reinterpreted images of architectures, interior decorations and beyond the intimate signature of the habitat, she shapes reworked portraits so as to stick to the soul of her subjects and their appearance.

Didier Engels

After a career of more than 30 years in the research of textures (25 years as textile stylist and 5 years as interior design architect), Didier Engels has shifted towards photography. As self-taught Belgian photographer, he started his photographic work DRY DOCK and KAAIEN in January 2015. Since his childhood, Didier Engels likes to stroll on the docks of the ports. At the age of 20, he experiences docker life at the port of Zeebrugge and this port affinity will never leave him. He discovers the phenomenal maritime traffic that fascinates his eyes: ships used by sea salt, freighters washed by the tides or containers patinated by sea spray.

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