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  • One year battery autonomy ? Really ? What happen when it's discharged ?

    An IONNYK frame has until 1 year autonomy on one single charge. When your IONNYK frame battery is empty, simply use the provided magnetic IONNYK cable and plug it to your frame. Check in the app when your battery is fully charged and enjoy up to 1 year autonomy again !

    Please notice that your IONNYK frame is already charged when you buy it.

  • Can I also display personal pictures on the frame?

    IONNYK is an Artwork platform and closed eco-system. It means that adding your personal pictures is not possible. IONNYK is like an art gallery, but yours, where you can enjoy artists work as you want. But if you are a photograph artist, please, try our “call for artists”, who knows, maybe one day you will join our IONNYK artists collective …

  • Is there a cable attached to the frame? Why not?

    No, there is no cables, even hidden ones ! Our innovative technology is wireless and works on battery. It consumes very few energy when displaying art. It gives us the opportuity to propose until 1 year of autonomy to one IONNYK frame with 1 battery charge.

  • What happens when the frame doesn’t work anymore?

    Our technology is very robust. However, everything could happen, and maybe you can encounter that your frame doesn’t work anymore. Contact support@ionnyk.com if you need assistance, we’ll be happy to help you. In the meantime, keep in mind that you have 5 years warranty on your IONNYK frames.

  • Is IONNYK only display black & white artworks ?

    Yes, IONNYK has a black & white identity. We took the decision to focus on this particular kind of artworks because we simply love it. Black & white photographs communicate emotion in a way colour doesn’t.

  • From which devices can I send artworks to the frame?

    IONNYK is today available on Android and Apple Smartphones. New devices will soon be available.

  • Can I stream the same picture to more than one frame?

    No, IONNYK works the same way than paper art photographies. When you buy one print, you can’t display an original in several frames at the same time. You need to chose. We respect this artisitc codes, not for technical reasons, but for integrity ones.

  • Where can I download the IONNYK app?

    You can download our app on the Apple Store for Apple iPhones or on the Google Play Store for Android Phones.

  • How can I be sure that the certified artwork remains my property, independent of IONNYK?

    When you buy a limited print on IONNYK, you have not a contract with IONNYK directly, but with the artist or the rights owner. It means that your property is not linked to IONNYK. With any limited print bought on IONNYK, you receive a authenticity certificate signed by the artist if applicable, or rights owner.

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